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Patio Furniture Buyers Guide: Compare styles, price, durability
Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Buying Guide

by Jane Grimshaw
July 2008

Wrought iron patio furniture offers you the very best quality in outdoor furniture, by providing you with durability, long-lasting quality and sheer elegance. This finish will look good on any patio, and compliments both the old and modern dwelling.

To ensure that you purchase the best quality wrought iron patio furniture (also known as rod iron or cast iron), you need to follow these top ten tips:

Check out a variety of stores to find out what is available and at what prices.

Read reviews on the product you have chosen.

Check for quality by looking at the thickness of the metal - the thicker it is, the more durable it will be.

Make sure the furniture is finished with a powder coat finish - this will give your furniture long-lasting protection from the elements, and help to prevent chips and scratches.

Don't overlook patio furniture clearance sales in your search for wrought iron patio furniture - you may find yourself a real bargain!

6. Decide how many people will be using the furniture on a regular basis.

7. Measure the space you have available.

8. Consider your garden colour scheme - if you have one.

9. Consider the styles of wrought iron patio furniture - Which is the perfect one for your home?

10. Check after sales care, warranties and guarantees.

Wrought iron patio furniture often comes in black or white, but there are a variety of other colours available too, including mosaic designs. You can also purchase just about anything in wrought iron to compliment your basic set of wrought iron patio furniture, and expand your outdoor living, such as, lamps, candle holders, plant holders, small tables, bistro sets, party bars, benches and umbrella bases. If you want to add more comfort to your wrought iron patio furniture, you can purchase waterproof cushions and umbrellas to make your relaxing moments the most special times of the day, or night!