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Patio Furniture Buyers Guide: Compare styles, price, durability
Buying Patio Furniture Sets: Top 10 Things to Look For

by T. K. Pippin
July 2008

Patio furniture sets give outdoor spaces that getaway feel. Want leisure without leaving home? Creating your own paradise isn't hard. Check out different patio furniture sets for durability, style, comfort, fixer-uppers, sizes, colors, patterns, prices, with the right quantity and family fit.

These top 10 guidelines will have you relaxing in no time.

1. Patio Set Durability: Make sure your patio furniture set will last. Wood and metals should be sealed and weather-resistant.

2. Patio Set Style: Whether retro or contemporary, patio furniture sets should be aesthetically stimulating to the person using it the most, you. High end pieces and flea market finds both have character.

3. Patio Furniture Comfort: No one likes a stiff seat, so test out patio furniture sets before dropping dollars. Check out the refund/exchange policies on internet and catalog orders in case you need to return an uncomfortable item.

4. Colors: Whether deep purples and blues or warmer hues, limit your colors to 4. Patio furniture sets can be basic colors like white and black or bolder ones like tangerine.

5. Patterns: Stick to 4 different patterns for fabrics such as stripes or florals so it won't feel too busy.

6. Price: Vintage has been hot since vintage was a concept, plus it's cheap. Also, look for clearance patio furniture, discount and sale items that are easy on the budget, unless you don't have a budget, then splurge.

7. Furniture Fixer-Uppers: Restoring that old bistro set improves looks without squeezing your wallet. Home improvement stores carry everything you need to repair old patio furniture sets. Clean off that dirty umbrella for a fresh look.

8. Size: Overly-large patio furniture sets can overwhelm a small outdoor area. Check the bar height, chair width and table diameter for a sure fit.

9. Quantity: Patio furniture sets come with 3 or more pieces. Do you want table and chairs or the chaise and side table as well?

10. Family Fit: Have kids or entertain? Look for patio furniture sets that accommodate the entire family or cater to your gatherings. Make sure they are kid-proof and toxin-free such as eco-friendly patio furniture.

When creating your outdoor oasis, these tips will help you choose a patio furniture set to fit your lifestyle. So, don't sit inside wishing for a paradise, go out and make it.

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