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Patio Furniture Buyers Guide: Compare styles, price, durability

Patio Furniture Cushions and Covers Buying Guide

by Sherry Law
July 2008

Are you a homeowner who loves spending time outdoors admiring your garden or lounging by the pool? If so, you've probably invested in chairs, tables and an umbrella make the backyard more heavenly. Carefully choosing patio furniture covers & patio furniture cushions can not only prolong the life of your patio furniture, but can increase the comfort of your chairs & chaise lounges. How do you choose covers & cushions for your patio furniture? Look for durability, quality materials and workmanship and waterproofing. Check how the patio furniture covers are secured and ask about a warranty. Choose the proper size, amount of padding & a pleasing color or pattern for your cushions.

Durable materials are "a must" to protect your patio furniture from the punishing heat of the sun, the rain & the wind. Fleece-backed vinyl, canvas, & heavy-weight polyester lined with PVC are some of the materials used in quality patio furniture covers.

Patio furniture is made to be waterproof, but moisture can lead to rust, mildew & moldy cushions. Some patio furniture covers are "100% waterproof"; others are vented. Mesh vents, on vertical surfaces, can prevent condensation build-up & help keep covers from blowing away on blustery days.

3) QUALITY MATERIALS are a necessity if you want your patio furniture covers to hold up to weather, pets & birds. However, substandard assembly can undermine even the best of materials.

Quality patio furniture covers won't protect your patio furniture if they blow away at the first breeze. Whether SECURED by Velcro, loops or ties, it is essential that the covers are going to stay put.

Quality patio furniture covers should have a WARRANTY. Try to find covers with a three year warranty, though even a one or two year warranty is better than none.

Be sure to choose the right SIZE cushion for your chairs or chaises. A cushion that is too small or too large will be neither comfortable nor aesthetically pleasing. Choose cushions that are the right size & decide how much PADDING you want. More padding means more comfort, however it also means a longer drying time if the cushion gets wet. Cushions are available in solid colors, stripes & florals. Pick one that will add a splash of color to your patio.

Protect you patio furniture from damage & add beauty to your backyard. By shopping around, you will be able to choose your cushions & patio furniture covers wisely and get the best buy for your money.