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Patio Furniture for Outdoor Stress Relief, Relaxation and Family Time

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Patio Furniture Buyers Guide: Compare styles, price, durability

by M R Brenner
June 2009

The outdoor lifestyle has numerous benefits....too many to ignore! By including patio furniture on your list of home improvements, you will be encouraged to take much needed time outdoors for yourself for stress relief by reading a book, sipping your favorite beverage (strawberry daquiris, tea, coffee, or lemonade anyone?) and simply relaxing.

It will provide you with the space and opportunity to eat meals or snacks outside with family, and invite friends over for a bbq or garden party. A welcoming place to sit amongst the plants and trees also helps everyone appreciate the sounds and smells of nature with additional health benefits from sunshine and fresh air.

If your job keeps you indoors all day as many do, you know what it's like to be accused of having an "office tan", meaning you don't get enough sunshine. Taking the time to sit outdoors on a comfortable chaise lounge, surrounded by nature could be all that you need to recharge your batteries, reflect on your priorities and just live in the moment.

Having a place to sit, talk, and catch up with friends and family outdoors is a huge bonus. Especially when there are kids involved and you'd prefer to serve notoriously messy foods such as spare ribs and ice cream - but you don't want to worry about spills on the carpet. The opportunity to throw a last minute bbq is always possible if you have outdoor furniture ready to go. And, you can buy it pre-assembled to save time if your not interested in DIY. Simply ensure you have enough patio chairs and tables, then send out that evite. And don't forget the pina coladas!

You don't need a home addition for $100,000 to extend your living space. If you have an extra 100-200 square feet in your yard, or a 6x6 foot spot, you can easily set up a patio furniture set and create a new outdoor living room! Add in some patio heaters, and live outside even on the cool days and nights! A freestanding or attached porch swing is another great alternative for limited outdoor space.

Sitting outdoors vs. indoors has health benefits, if you're not getting enough sunshine during the day. Sunshine on your skin produces vitamin D, an essential chemical that your body requires. Getting outside also improves your outlook on life, and you may actually meet your neighbors as a side benefit!